God is one only and unique.  
He is supreme Light. Thou shalt worship Him with true devotion.

Thou shalt not worship petty deities.

Thou shalt not sacrifice innocent and dumb animals in God's name.
Avoid meat eating. Thou shalt practise vegetarianism and nonviolence.
Leave off all the differences of caste, creed, religion,  country, etc.,
Compassion to lives (JEEVAKARUNYAM) by feeding the pious and the poor
  is the key to attain eternal bliss.

Thou shalt feed the hungry, poor and the needy and rehabilitate them.

The Puranas and Sasthras and other Scriptures do not reveal the Ultimate
Deem each life as your own; poised in this kinship of souls lead your life.
Thou shalt burry the dead and not burn them, since body is the
  instrument of God realisation.
Thou shalt not deny the human rights of woman and ill treat her after
  her husband's death.
Thou shalt meditate for the happiness of all creatures in the world. Be
  endowed with impartial out look.
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